Ze last Post for web II!!

For this post I just wanted to talk about what I liked most about this class. I felt that I have learned enough html and Dreamweaver knowledge to finally be dangerous with web design. I learned where web has been and where it looks to be going. I enjoyed the detailed focus on design for a site as well as the focus on how to make it look like you want it to. I think we had just enough conceptual design work to start giving us ideas about what every site needs to reach the next levels of the web. I had no beefs or dissappointments with this class but wish my web 1 class wouldn't have left me hardly prepared. I appreciate the focus on making sure that everyone gets the ideas before moving on with the class. Most teachers wouldn't care if a student falls behind but I'm glad that we all moved along at the same pace leaving noone behind. All in all, its been a good class, I hope they implement this into the core curriculum for future students because it very good to have. later for awhile -mike-

datamatrix barcodes!!

This to my left is a datamatrix barcode. What is it exactly? These are starting to show up everywhere because they are bar codes that can be photographed with a smart phone, aka, iphone or blackberry. After photographing one of these it usually takes you to a website with some kind of significance or special sale for finding it. These are popping up on magazines and products everywhere and are even making their way onto clever business cards that link you to websites. Very snazzy stuff indeed. I learned about them from the cover of a superstreet issues which had one that took me to a limited content portion of their site with special downloadables as a courtesy for finding them. Check em out as well on Castro Oil containers at your nearest part store. lata -mike-

The selvadge yard.

If you follow my blog, you will notice that I follow a blog called the selvage yard. If you want insite into the kind of style and culture that I get into, check out their blog. Its phenomenal. From historical biographies of cats like James Dean, Von Dutch, and Carol Shelby, to wrenched out hotrods, this single blog covers so much of hot rod culture. Its definitely worth your time to check it out. They have photos of old pin-up girls and bios of the kind of life they led in the 50's and 60's. It just covers so much. Let me know what you think. -mike-

3d tv...smell-o-vision...??

I keep seeing these commercials for 3d tvs and It really makes me question the need for the technology. It sounds cool at first, but what they don't initially tell you is that in order to utilize the 3d capabilities, you have to wear the special 3d glasses. First off, the glasses probably cost a fortune, and secondly, what happens when you lose your pairs, or don't have enough for everyone? When you watch one of these tvs without the glasses, you see a blurry image because it works through overlaying images to create the 3d effect. I just see it as unnecessary technology. This reminds me of a little know but once attempted, smell-o-vision. They had the idea for a tv that recreates scents of the things you see on screen. A cooking show could be phenomenal. However, sweaty gym socks would not be. Heres a wiki link to the history of smell-o-vision. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smell-O-Vision lata-mike-

Nico.org!! forum madness

I recently had a car issue with my nissan 240sx I couldn't figure out. I found my way through the internet to nicoforums.org. Nissan Infinity Car Owners has one hell of a forum. I found my way into the tech pages and found similar rants and raves by other 240 owners which I combed through until I found what I needed to know. I found the site useful which got me to thinking about the value of little known forums and clubs like this. It really comes in handy to be able to network with other people with the same interests. I know I designed a similar forum for our web 2.0 project, but in retrospect, I find it would be pretty awesome if there was a facebook-like social networking site that had these values and usages. It would be great to log into your personal account and be able to post questions and post on other team/club members pages to help each other learn and grow. Outside of class project? I think so.

Facebook, Myspace, ... problem?

I was just thinking about the past a little bit. I remember when Myspace was all the rage and facebook was unheard of. I first got my myspace account kickin back in 2006. I used the site like another email and a link to my old friends and such on a daily basis. Now, four years later, I don't check it but once every few months if that. Now everyone has switched over to facebook, which appears to be run by fewer ads than the competition. I will admit that I use facebook, but I can't say I use it half as much as some of the people I meet. I see people all day long who have to be logged on constantly and checking or posting updates. Does it really matter that much, If you can't see the people your updating your life to on a daily basis, should you really be giving them updates? on a daily basis? IDK, im tired so I'm gonna hit it, but long story short, I don't like where some of this social networking stuff is going. We may be releasing all to easy some rather personal stuff. Funny I should say all of that in a blog, but then again, how many people will ever see this? later -mike-

Wrench Monkees!! What?

I have been following the Wrench Monkees blog for some time now. This is a badass group of bike builders out of Denmark, who also happen to be graphic designers and photographers. These guys usually strip a brand new bike down to the frame. Chop in some retro looks, then reassemble altered and painted parts until a 2010 Suzuki looks like a 1970's Suzuki Cafe Racer. The thing that sets apart the wrench monkees from everyone else who tries to capitalize on their name or do design work, is that these guys are ACTUALLY GOOD AT IT! If you sneak a peek at their site you will only notice thoughtful and dramatic lit photography, clean and prepared design, as well as some pretty snazzy motorcycles. Their blog is always interesting and worth following. If you can't do that, at least check em out at www.wrenchmonkees.com tata -mike-

Pale Horse Design!!

Pale Horse Design studio is a small company with big ambitions and killer work. I discovered the site when looking for some creative inspiration for an illustration and Damn. These guys can make it happen. From woodcuts to india ink drawings, they pump out some of the coolest looking prints. (much like this dusk til dawn print) They also make all of their prints into even cooler everyday accessories. AKA guitar cases, skateboards, jackets, shirts, and shoes!!. I give mad ups to the creative minds behind the site and will be following them for even more updates and inspirations. I aspire to be that good. See for yourself at www.palehorsedesign.com. later -mike-

Likey Designs: Heartbreakers car club

I was flipping through the latest issue of superstreet magazine and I came across an article about a little known group of auto builders that call themselves the "Heartbreakers". The reason I chose to blog about them and their design, is their logo, which stands out rather well to me. They all paste a large vinyl script of "heartbreaker" in an Eduardian Script style font really low on the windshield. It just looks classy to me. I wish I had a link to an image of this, but the best thing I can tell you, is to hit up that latest issue of SuperStreet. Thanx -mike-

Portfolio Site Inspirations

I have been taking a look at some portfolio sites made popular by other designers to try to get more inspiration for my own upcoming revised site. (post graduation craziness). http://www.davidhellmann.com/ had a few elements that I may want to include. I like the idea of actually sitting down and designing a site with photoshop that has all of the aesthetic details I want within to make it visually appealing. I also want something unike and my own. Check out the guys site to see what inspires me.

The Iowa Post!

Hey everyone!, I know I'm a few blogs behind but I'm finishing up on my vacation here to Iowa in two days and I will have everything (including my site) complete and cracking saturday night!. As far as latest development with the web goes, My friend Olli works for a dealership doing work for their S.E.O. (search engine optimization). This kind of makes you realize how important it is to be the first thing that pops up when you type in ford mustang, and iowa in google. You begin to realize how much work goes into every touch point of a sale. Kinda neat. Other than that, just been workin on dialing in some of my own stuff. Hope everyones break is going as well as mine. Peace for now -mike-

Tip Top!

Hey everyone! Once again Im working on the Hudson Library project. I think I'm falling a post behind but bear with me, I will catch up. This website is crazy, it has 45 internal links, 40 external links and undistinguishable navigation. Currently I'm trying to break down the site map. The process of this project is going well because it's easy to design something that looks good when you have something that looks so bad to start with lol. I'm excited for unveiling my new designs, I hope they hit the right audience. Well, back to it,..lata -mike-

Post 3, stomach hurts

Well im proly a week behind on these posts so ill shoot another one around the end of the week.
We began coding in css and so far its been pretty great. I learned some things in web 1 that I could use for about a week or so and then I simply forgot because we never learned HOW THEY WORK. Im glad that in this class were spending so much time in the code. Im already starting to feel more confident with my web skills which is definately good because thats exactly what I wanted to get out of this class. Im gonna be working on making my portfolio site better, Ill be looking at some things on SMASHINGAPPS.com which is a good resource for alot of things. talk to everyone later -mike-

They Don't Call em late nights for nothing! Blog 2#

Hey folks, its a peaky 2:49 in the AM, its been a crazy busy night so far. Jammed out some of those designs for Project 2 and played with my new toy the PsP go. As far as web design is concerned, I want to comment and say that I know my submission for Project 1 looks bad, but its because I'm trying to teach myself the things I should have learned in Web 1. I am excited for the upcoming weeks where we will be working primarily in the code because I'm eager to get a better grasp on development. On a side note about myself, things are good. Today/yesterday, was a good day. Got alot of good homework done, cleaned my room and folded piles of laundry. Just a few more centuries of hard work and I may get caught up. Cheers mates! I'm off to bed. See you in six hours or so lol.

Late Night Post Number 1

Well I read the W3 schools web hosting tutorial, and It was quite informative. Part of the way through it I was reminded of the year 2000, when I first put up an Angelfire.com site for free and had no idea what i was doing. That actually made me think of a few things. Alot of people say that because my generation grew up with good computers we should know how to work them, when on the contrary, at least for web design, I disagree. I have only ever been taught Dreamweaver. The earlier generation had to do and learn everything with html and I honestly feel like its easier for them and like cracking a safe for me. I can do alot of things but I can't understand why this is so difficult for me. I can design a beautiful site, but making it functional is gonna need some work. GaaaaHHH! I hope I can figure this out. I hate being frustrated. Nite. -mike-

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