Tip Top!

Hey everyone! Once again Im working on the Hudson Library project. I think I'm falling a post behind but bear with me, I will catch up. This website is crazy, it has 45 internal links, 40 external links and undistinguishable navigation. Currently I'm trying to break down the site map. The process of this project is going well because it's easy to design something that looks good when you have something that looks so bad to start with lol. I'm excited for unveiling my new designs, I hope they hit the right audience. Well, back to it,..lata -mike-

Post 3, stomach hurts

Well im proly a week behind on these posts so ill shoot another one around the end of the week.
We began coding in css and so far its been pretty great. I learned some things in web 1 that I could use for about a week or so and then I simply forgot because we never learned HOW THEY WORK. Im glad that in this class were spending so much time in the code. Im already starting to feel more confident with my web skills which is definately good because thats exactly what I wanted to get out of this class. Im gonna be working on making my portfolio site better, Ill be looking at some things on SMASHINGAPPS.com which is a good resource for alot of things. talk to everyone later -mike-

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