Ze last Post for web II!!

For this post I just wanted to talk about what I liked most about this class. I felt that I have learned enough html and Dreamweaver knowledge to finally be dangerous with web design. I learned where web has been and where it looks to be going. I enjoyed the detailed focus on design for a site as well as the focus on how to make it look like you want it to. I think we had just enough conceptual design work to start giving us ideas about what every site needs to reach the next levels of the web. I had no beefs or dissappointments with this class but wish my web 1 class wouldn't have left me hardly prepared. I appreciate the focus on making sure that everyone gets the ideas before moving on with the class. Most teachers wouldn't care if a student falls behind but I'm glad that we all moved along at the same pace leaving noone behind. All in all, its been a good class, I hope they implement this into the core curriculum for future students because it very good to have. later for awhile -mike-

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