Facebook, Myspace, ... problem?

I was just thinking about the past a little bit. I remember when Myspace was all the rage and facebook was unheard of. I first got my myspace account kickin back in 2006. I used the site like another email and a link to my old friends and such on a daily basis. Now, four years later, I don't check it but once every few months if that. Now everyone has switched over to facebook, which appears to be run by fewer ads than the competition. I will admit that I use facebook, but I can't say I use it half as much as some of the people I meet. I see people all day long who have to be logged on constantly and checking or posting updates. Does it really matter that much, If you can't see the people your updating your life to on a daily basis, should you really be giving them updates? on a daily basis? IDK, im tired so I'm gonna hit it, but long story short, I don't like where some of this social networking stuff is going. We may be releasing all to easy some rather personal stuff. Funny I should say all of that in a blog, but then again, how many people will ever see this? later -mike-

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