Late Night Post Number 1

Well I read the W3 schools web hosting tutorial, and It was quite informative. Part of the way through it I was reminded of the year 2000, when I first put up an site for free and had no idea what i was doing. That actually made me think of a few things. Alot of people say that because my generation grew up with good computers we should know how to work them, when on the contrary, at least for web design, I disagree. I have only ever been taught Dreamweaver. The earlier generation had to do and learn everything with html and I honestly feel like its easier for them and like cracking a safe for me. I can do alot of things but I can't understand why this is so difficult for me. I can design a beautiful site, but making it functional is gonna need some work. GaaaaHHH! I hope I can figure this out. I hate being frustrated. Nite. -mike-

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