They Don't Call em late nights for nothing! Blog 2#

Hey folks, its a peaky 2:49 in the AM, its been a crazy busy night so far. Jammed out some of those designs for Project 2 and played with my new toy the PsP go. As far as web design is concerned, I want to comment and say that I know my submission for Project 1 looks bad, but its because I'm trying to teach myself the things I should have learned in Web 1. I am excited for the upcoming weeks where we will be working primarily in the code because I'm eager to get a better grasp on development. On a side note about myself, things are good. Today/yesterday, was a good day. Got alot of good homework done, cleaned my room and folded piles of laundry. Just a few more centuries of hard work and I may get caught up. Cheers mates! I'm off to bed. See you in six hours or so lol.

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