!! forum madness

I recently had a car issue with my nissan 240sx I couldn't figure out. I found my way through the internet to Nissan Infinity Car Owners has one hell of a forum. I found my way into the tech pages and found similar rants and raves by other 240 owners which I combed through until I found what I needed to know. I found the site useful which got me to thinking about the value of little known forums and clubs like this. It really comes in handy to be able to network with other people with the same interests. I know I designed a similar forum for our web 2.0 project, but in retrospect, I find it would be pretty awesome if there was a facebook-like social networking site that had these values and usages. It would be great to log into your personal account and be able to post questions and post on other team/club members pages to help each other learn and grow. Outside of class project? I think so.

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