3d tv...smell-o-vision...??

I keep seeing these commercials for 3d tvs and It really makes me question the need for the technology. It sounds cool at first, but what they don't initially tell you is that in order to utilize the 3d capabilities, you have to wear the special 3d glasses. First off, the glasses probably cost a fortune, and secondly, what happens when you lose your pairs, or don't have enough for everyone? When you watch one of these tvs without the glasses, you see a blurry image because it works through overlaying images to create the 3d effect. I just see it as unnecessary technology. This reminds me of a little know but once attempted, smell-o-vision. They had the idea for a tv that recreates scents of the things you see on screen. A cooking show could be phenomenal. However, sweaty gym socks would not be. Heres a wiki link to the history of smell-o-vision. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smell-O-Vision lata-mike-

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