Wrench Monkees!! What?

I have been following the Wrench Monkees blog for some time now. This is a badass group of bike builders out of Denmark, who also happen to be graphic designers and photographers. These guys usually strip a brand new bike down to the frame. Chop in some retro looks, then reassemble altered and painted parts until a 2010 Suzuki looks like a 1970's Suzuki Cafe Racer. The thing that sets apart the wrench monkees from everyone else who tries to capitalize on their name or do design work, is that these guys are ACTUALLY GOOD AT IT! If you sneak a peek at their site you will only notice thoughtful and dramatic lit photography, clean and prepared design, as well as some pretty snazzy motorcycles. Their blog is always interesting and worth following. If you can't do that, at least check em out at www.wrenchmonkees.com tata -mike-

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