Summary of pages in Marks of Excellence

First off, My apologies for the delay in this post. I will be posting a blog on the main class page as soon as possible on a thought i've been having about something super interesting :) But I'm in the process of stepping everything up, not just my homework, but everything I produce and a little bit of my lifestyle which could use a bit of irregularity ( I work five days a week and have class six days a week lol ). But anyways, about the book... I love it!
I've had to read so many boring design books where I cant be more against, but this one rocks. I learn so much from it in logos alone. The break down when it discusses like the BP logo and coat of arms stylings being used to say "GT" or to establish the power vibe. I never understood like the heraldry part of it either. I guess I just was't looking at the old versus the new, but just thinking to myself that everything should be fresh as possible. Thinking about the competition as well as the history is something I'm definately working on. I feel like I could produce a good Halmark though. I sketch and illustrate in a style thats very antique, but to some logos and designs It really looks classy :) I will say that I know this thing is jumping around, but I have alot of different tangejnts I could run with from just the first sixty pages. I like how it discusses how some logos are designed to be run next to each other to make them look stronger and more direct. I agree with how the usage can be just as effective as the design. Alas I shall write more on this later, but so far... Im liking this book alot. Time to study for Bio - peace -

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