Logo Comparisons (Service)

The Good
Service: Tax Preperation

H&R BLOCK is a clean and consistent tax preperation service that has
been around for quite a few years now. Though their service is only really used during tax time, when people need their taxes done it gets competitive for where and who to go to. H&R Block’s logo is good because it sticks in your head. The simple green block has a clean and friendly money-colored feel to it. Its simple, yet elegent. A great example of how so little can do so much. Their forms, pamphlets, DVDs and all of their media share the same green glow like the sinage outside the buildings. In my opinion an established brand.

The Bad
Wordmark w/bad graphics
Service: Music Venue

The Musica is a venue for up and coming artists as well as poetry readers and literary artists alike. They have open mic nights and generally draw pretty steady business because they keep getting better and better bands to play there. The problem with this logo/ identity is that it is everything else that differs from logos like H&R Block. Instead of simplicity and elimination of things that would only clutter the signs; they introduce the name in Papyrus font with lots of cheesey clip art that is very dated and already too old. The colors are not anything you would like to remember and you wind up remembering the bands and not where you saw them.

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