Logo Comparisons (Retail)

The Good
Retail: accessories

Fossil is getting ready to celebrate their 25th anniversary. They have recently released a whole new line of vintage and aviation products including watches, bags, wallets and jewelry alike. Everything they make is explorative and extremely well made. They take alot of ques from vintage and hand made products and are very professional and appealing. The logo they have I believe represents that very well. It looks like a worn leather or yellowed paper. The colors are quiet but bold. The company does a very good job of building a brand and identity to match their quality products they distribute.

The Bad
Summit Racing
Retail: auto parts

Summit racing has been around for quite a long time and is based right here in Akron. The colors of the logo do play well in to the history of it. This is because Summit sells American auto parts to American people. The red, white, and blue color scheme shows us that. Where the branding goes south is in the content. The logo doesn’t say auto parts or racing, or speed, or anything about automotive parts and accessories. It doesn’t speak well of the quality products and great services the company offers. The type is also some kind of hand made typeface that looks kind of like lightning bolts and pulls you further away from what the company tries to portray as an identity.

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