Logo Comparisons (manufacturing)

The Good
Lockheed Martin
Military and Govt. Manufacturing

Lockheed Martin is an Akron based manufacture of high end military vehicles, some all terrain equipment, government supplies and machinery, and so much more. They work on big projects and alot of faith goes into the companies clean and consistent work. The logo they have defines there precision and even has a little bit of a “for country” feel to it which makes it trustable and puts it at the front of our memory.

The Bad
Diamond Brands
Wordmark over graphic
Match + Toothpick Manufacture

Diamond Brands was and Akron based manufacture that moved to Barberton in the early 1900’s. They have a history of being an American company as they were one of the largest match and toothpick manufatures in the united states. They are the pioneers of strike anywhere matches and now they have new products emerging in the plastic and paper dinnerware department. Their logo doesnt work for me because of their attempt to be modern without updated the wordmark. The diamond symbol they use doesn’t speak at all for the products they produce. It looks like a window to me and the color scheme they have adapted to is vibrant but a little christmasy. This company has a vast history to draw from and really could have put forth something better than what they have.

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