Logo Comparisons (Professional)

The Good
Park Acura
Profession: Dealership

Park Acura is getting ready to celebrate a 50th Anniversary of the Company.
They are a high end Honda and Acura dealer located on Arlington street. Though their located in a competitive area with other dealerships just across and down the street, they shine bright with their very professional facilities and branding. The park logo is just a sleek word-type logo with a leaf graphic next to it, but the colors and movements within the logo make it very attractive. The facility and actions of the dealership as well as the application of their logo on uniforms and accessories make keep the percieved quality of the company at top form.

The Bad
Kenneth Davis, M.D.
Wordmark, Graphic
Profession: Gynocology

Being a member of the Summa health system, Kenneth Davis, M.D. is a
Akron based gynocology clinic operated by Dr. Davis and a helpful staff. They offer a variety of examinations and services, but the brand of the clinic as well as the logo they use to operate is a little bit confusing. The main doctor of the business which bears his name as the clinics office title is male but the logo is a profile of a young woman. I understand that the clinic is mostly for women’s health, but as a brand or identity, The logo doesn’t speak that when you see it. Its just a black and white profile and it doesn’t say anything about health at all. When coupled with the fact that the male Dr.’s name is the only type in the logo, it loses communication and effectiveness and thus is not top notch.

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